Noahs Ark found. (Good Video Evidence)

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  1. I'm guessing any of you that have been watching the news this morning saw this already. Skeptics are out in full force, but I have a little treat for you all that they didnt show on the news. :) Here is some footage of the team decending into the ground to get into the ark. Try not to deny the EVIDENCE. Although they have already carbon dated the wood to the time of the great flood, all they are waiting for now is Local Turkish officials to ask the central government in Ankara to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected while a major archaeological dig is conducted. Then we can let you atheists come in, do your confirmation tests, and shit your pants.

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  3. Noah's ark found in Turkey.

    I saw the ark on ebay but how much for the turkey?
  4. I don't think peil is for sale.
  5. That Ararat boat has already been carbon dated to be only 1400 years old.
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    According to ABC news the carbon dating is 4800 years old. It has not been excavated so no one knows if it's a boat or not, but would be very interesting to know, if it is, how a 4800 year old boat got 4000 meters up the side of the mountain.
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    So YouTube has scooped all the major networks to get this awesome story before the MSM? And the MSM still haven't caught on yet, eh? Maybe a giant conspiracy to keep the Great Truth down?

    I better get my slice of the conspiracy payoffs and right quick!
  8. Everybody knows you must go to YouTube for all of the REAL news!
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    Hold on a second. These Evangelical explorers take the carbon dating as valid when it comes to this but invalid when it comes to things that might upset their interpretation of Genesis?

  10. There's a guy from Cornell, Kuniholm, who had the wood dated and nothing comes close to 4800 years, it's coming back as 1400 years old. He's questioning how the people dating it at 4800 are doing it.
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