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  1. No 1 Guy

    No 1 Guy

    This is up for sale at, with a buy now price of $10k. if not taken soon, it'll be removed and auctioned at some future date (don't know when) with 10k reserve. so, really just looking for a quick sale now to avoid the hassle, even though it'll likely go for more at auction. You can see it directly on Good luck!
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  2. IAS_LLC


    Why on earth would anyone pay 10k for that domain?
  3. zdreg


    what is special about the name it has an irritating double meaning. it is worth to close zero.
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  4. Xela


    Because it'a very brandable?

    I know people in the domaining business who would definitely pay a premium for it - but nowhere near $10k just for the domain itself. Possibly a few hundred dollars.
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  5. IAS_LLC

    IAS_LLC .... available for $2.99 at
  6. zdreg


    it has an irritating double meaning. might buy it to impress very impressionable women. it is worth a couple of hundred bucks.

    make copies of this thread. it will be deleted by tomorrow. it will make for a nice souvenir.
  7. Xela


    Yes - I did wonder about that. Irritating to some people, I suppose ...

    Sounds right, to me.

    Not brandable. Worth nothing, IMO.
  8. speedo


    And if you ACT NOW, we'll throw in absolutely FREE
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  9. IAS_LLC


    I'll sell you for $50
  10. That's actually not a horrible domain name
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