No wonder people think Americans are stupid

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  1. The only sensible thing to do here is to raise the pay for the Nobel Prize winning novelist.

    Snookie set the market value. The novelist needs a manager. Writers were never known for their business sense.
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    Aren't they paying her in Zimbabwe dollars?
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  4. Who the heck is Snookie?
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    I had the same question, listening to this story on the way in today. She is an actor on a TV show, reality show I think.
  6. Oh, well then, there you go. Rutgers, Rutgers, is having reality show stars address the future leaders of American society.
  7. She is a short little fat girl on the reality show Jersey shore which is a show about a bunch of losers that drink all day, sleep with each other(and anyone that will have them), and get in physical fights.
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