No wonder no one likes Yahoo their software runs similar to a virus.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by CowboyBlue, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Yahoo is like a goddamn parasite, i install one of their programs and all of a sudden my toolbar switches over to yahoo. Every time i tried to change it back to google, it would just change itself back on me once i reopened internet explorer, so i finally figure out how to change the default back to google. Once i do this yahoo pops up some piece of shit called the default setting blocker and shoots me a message that i have tried to change my default to something else (NO SHIT!!!) and yahoo is changing it back. I just uninstalled every single Yahoo program I have on my computer, and will never use them again because of this episode. Is it any wonder why google is kicking the shit out of them when their software runs like a virus that you can not get rid of?

    If i restart this comp and it reverts back to the yahoo toolbar i am burning this computer.
  2. Illum


    Many pain in the ass programs will reprogram themselves at startup. Go to run, then type in msconfig

    A box will pop up, click the start up tab. I uncheck everything. I let no programs run on their own at startup. If I want to run something, I will open it.

    I also do the services tab, but here I click hide all microsoft. I let those do their thing, then I uncheck all things not microsoft.

    Edit- this is all in xp, I don't know how it works in vista
  3. auspiv


    works the same way in vista. be careful though, some of those services and start up apps are your anti-virus/firewall programs. also some other misc essentials are there, like driver programs, sound drivers, etc.

    i always like to tell people to disable a few at a time, that way you can narrow it down when something gets messed up.

    usually, disabling everything in the startup is ok, but disabling all non microsoft services can cause trouble.