No Wonder Dems Don't Want School Vouchers

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    They are using the Public School System to indoctrinate the young!

    A parent in upstate New York is claiming there is some disturbing information being taught to his child as a result of a Common Core-aligned lesson on government and human rights. (Common Core is the controversial standardized curriculum program being advocated for by the federal government.)

    The latest example, he says, is that his daughter and her classmates are being taught a section on the 30 “universal human rights” declared by the United Nations in 1945. Those rights include:

    • The right to a nationality, and to change that nationality whenever you want to.

    • The right to a job for everyone who wants one.

    • The right to “social security” (to be taken care of by the government when you cannot do it yourself).

    • The right to food, clothing, housing and medicine.

    • The right to work and join a union. (One of the rights also states that you cannot be compelled to join an association.)

    • The right to play.

    Common Core Uses Scientology Produced Videos To Teach Students They Have A Right To Food, Clothing, Housing, Medicine, Even A Job

    The father of a 5th grade student who attends public school emailed TheBlaze to alert us to the lessons being taught to his child. The dad (who happens to be an attorney) emailed his daughter’s teacher to question her about the lessons and received a call from the school’s principal to address his concerns. He said he had a phone conversation with that principal, and the principle revealed that:

    • The lessons are tied to the Common Core guidelines found on EngageNY.

    • The U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights was being taught for about an hour each day over an eight-week period.

    • The U.S. Constitution was part of another eight-week “government” section, however only three weeks were spent studying it.

    • The principal believes that most public schools in the state are using this program as well as others from Common Core.

    In a subsequent phone conversation with TheBlaze, the father — who asked to remain anonymous to protect his child’s identity — added that the school’s principal was not happy about the curriculum mandates, but was powerless to do anything about it. All of the decisions and directions came from the state.

  2. Knock yourself out teaching kids "universal human rights" wtf, we are already living in a society full of people who know their rights.

    okay - you have a right to food clothing and shelter, now in a few words anyone care to explain their responsibilities?

    Do you have a right to "stuff" with no responsibilites?

    "A right to play" Boyaah! What have you done to "earn" that?

  3. The right to a nationality, and to change that nationality whenever you want to.

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    The ignorant stupidity of the left knows no bounds.
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    These are basic human rights mandated by the U.N. You don't have to do anything for them. Just like breathing air these rights are guaranteed free for everyone. There are no responsibilities.

    Haven't you noticed that Obama and his boys bring you your dinner ever night, new clothes once a month and they make sure your house is paid for and not in disrepair? No?

    They used to call this communism but this takes even that to a whole new level.
  7. This one of the reasons we took our kids out of public school and enrolled them in a private school. The public schools in California constantly teach entitlement to rights without any mention of personal responsibility.
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    Max E.

    The world would be much better off if more liberals simply excercised their right to remain silent.

  9. The school system is barely qualified to be called "school". It's Reeducation camp a'la China 1960... My daughter was in a christian school, that was "school", they didn't graduate kids that couldn't read, the kids learned a LOT.. I used to look forward to helping her with her homework because I was learning a lot, LOL.

    So far all commie societies have collapsed. I'm going to hazard a guess that this one will collapse. If we can hang onto our Bill of Rights we will have done the best we can.