No wonder California is goign bankrupt

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. from the article...

    ""That’s the short term objective of the “State of Emergency” protests, according to the website for the rallies. The longterm objective is to, “educate and convince communities to change tax structure and achieve tax fairness in order to achieve adequate, stable and ongoing funding for public education and essential public services.”""

    The phrase "achieve tax fairness" is codespeak for wealth confiscation/redistribution.

    I guess CA will soon start taxing assets, like your car, dishwasher, silverware, furniture, guns, any tangible asset you own based on an arbitrary yet state-mandated valuation.
  2. hedge123


    My biggest complaint is the California Teachers Association (CTA) gets confused with Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA).

    CTA != CTA