No wonder a degree isn't what it used to be

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  1. Ever wonder if the high rate of un/underemployed of college grads had more behind it than just a crappy obama economy?

    Who says affirmative action hasn't <wink > worked?

    Do I see a Gap there ?
  2. Now let's see where those SUCCESSFUL Affirmative Action beneficiary students finally flocked to?

    Business where good old fashioned hard work and competence pay off most , RIGHT?

    You wouldn't expect those that gamed the system to get there, would be still milking that system now would you?

    I mean you got that rare quality of being a PHD and you have the RIGHT skin color. Business HR departments are going nuts trying to fill their quotas so pay should be at a premium to what you are expected to deliver, right?

    So where do they go but surrogate ma & pa gubbermint?

    Namely right back into Academia, you know that part of America devoid of the pressures of the real world, massively dominated by leftists's and communists willing to continue your cradling and suckling needs and wants. Let's don't forget the severe minimization of those pesky "Free speech zones*" to contend with and great retirement packages too.
  3. Seriously 34% of whites over the age of 25 have 4 yr degrees.
    No wonder it doesn't mean jack now.
  4. Government is a make work program for affirmative action graduates.
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    That sums it up pretty well.
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    This backstops my argument that Blacks cannot get jobs in the private sector. Jessie Jackemup lawyer/preacher [liberation theology only need apply] types have sued White employers and made Blacks unemployable in the private sector. Democrats need that Black vote and they need it at the 95% level otherwise they will be only a footnote in history. Democrats will spend the US into oblivion expanding government and welfare because it's the only place [other than crime] that Blacks can get money. Ergo: we are headed for oblivion.
  7. WTF do people expect when our middle class has been outsourced?

    For every job lost here 10 were created overseas.
    Perot's sucking sound warning is hitting home.

    Overseas many colleges are CBT based at minimal costs and its the accreditation earned ie. MCSE, CCIE, etc. that supports your degree.

    A fresh college grad overseas typically makes 10,000 - 15000 INR a month, works 6 days a week, no benefits and is a sponge just wanting the experience.

    Thats $250 - $400/ month... Less than the monthly payment on one of our typical grads non-dischargeable student loans.

    More importantly... this is the going rate in the global market.

    It's not just tech.. nursing, medicine, para-legals, attorneys etc.

    The technology used to support BPOs makes location largely irrelevant and we as a society have already adapted to the accents.

    Sell in dollars, buy in rupees and your profits get the further benefit of tax deferrment until repatriated.

    Why would any reasonable business operation not follow this path?

    All the experience our grads would have gained at the entry level is happening elsewhere. The problem isn't the 22 year olds.... its the 28 - 40 that don't have the skills to compete and are over priced. Best bet for them are government and military gigs.
  8. And why do you think that is? I would also outsource all that I can because of all the b/s regulation in this country.
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    I voted for perot over bush.


    In fairness to smart black guys, if you are not trying to get very wealthy, if someone offers you a track to tenure at a university while not take it.

    workout, publish only when you have something import to say, check out the coeds, "mentor" 1 or 2, play softball on the faculty team, have interesting conversations with smart people, attend lectures and vote for more student loans.

    who can blame them.
  10. Thankfully the easy gubbermint career track is coming to an end.

    I can't wait til the current crop of teat suckers figures this out.
    Some people are going to be in for a serious reality adjustment and I'll be laughing my ass off at them.

    When the bill for gubbermint excess comes due it isn't going to be the rich that suffer.
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