No white male construction workers need apply

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dis, Jan 22, 2009.

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    At USA President Inauguration, Obama said "USA is a nation of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus and non-believers."

    I thought USA was a nation of Christain & Jews.

    It is highly surprising now outsiders are ruling USA without any war or fight. Outsiders are taking over USA politely and quietly. After sometime genuine USA people will be slaves.

    There is no jobs for genuine USA citizens. Outsiders are the root cause for all the troubles & financial losses in USA & Europe.

    Barack Obama is an outsider. First, Obama should be thrown out of USA.
  4. Translated: Let pols decide who gets the money. Make sure our supporters get it, not someone who will simply do the best job for the lowest price.

    This is the eternal problem when government gets involved. Economic considerations take a back seat to patronage, social engineering and plain old corruption.
  5. That's what some of you fools voted for.

    What the F did you think was going to happen?
  6. Forget Obama, I still can not believe there are millions of illegals and temporary workers holding jobs whereas million of Americans born and raised here are unemployed and some living in tent cities like in California orlooking for anytype of job to survive.

    Government should immediately revoke all OPT, H1 and H2B visas and stop granting green cards to anybody with these visas. We can not even afford to keep 312MM people fed and clothed without borrowing money from overseas, why should we be so generous to foerigners in the meantime, I just don't udnersstand.

    There is no way this would happen in another country. There is so much loophole and nonsense in this country, it is mind boggling to me.
  7. Unfcking believable. Their true colors will come out soon enough.

    As if "construction worker" is some random, skillless job.

    Riech is a fucking imbecile, as are most of the Democratic
  8. Well, his political birth place is Chicago where patronage is King. Wee bit of corruption too.
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    I think outsiders voted Barack Obama to Power of USA President.

    There are 4 million & more Indians working in USA. Now think of Chinese, Muslims & other outsiders living in USA.

    If I am correct, 95% of black people voted for Barack Obama in the USA elections.
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    Reich is a pantie waste, bleeding heart, dumb fuck, shit for brains munchkin.

    Not that it matters anymore.
    Anything less than a nationwide, violent revolt of citizen taxpayers to take back our country is just useless talk now.
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