No Way There Is A 50 Basis Cut Tomorrow---

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  1. !!!
  2. It's happening!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ben has no balls.

    Bet he won't mention future inflationary problems....

    Just prop up equities and cause a new BUBBLE.
  3. The guy panicked and cut 75 bp! Doesn't that tell you something about the guy's tendencies? Remember September when people were expecting 25 bp and he gave Wall St. 50 bp causing one final last gasp bull run which trapped a ton of bulls for one big bloodshedding.

    Ben is going to cut 50 bp and say inflation is under control and still at 2%, blah blah total BS but its all about saving his banker buddies from having their stock options underwater... blowing bubbles, away away we go.
  4. CNBC talking dudes said only "25 basis point"
  5. Bernanke was BEHIND the CURVE back in September when he cut 50 bp, and he's still BEHIND the CURVE now.

    Without the Societe General distaster, he most likely would not have cut anything; simply waiting till the FED meeting which was only 8 days away . . .

    As a result, I wouldn't be surprised to see him still act in a rather BEHIND the CURVE conservative manner, cutting only .25 BP
  6. Those same babbling idiots called for 25 bps in September, 50 bp in December, etc.. CNBC knows nothing.
  7. Then why do you continue to watch them?
  8. To you, anything above 1% Fed Funds Greenspan ARMs and Teasers rate is behind the curve.
  9. Your last prediction thread for the Fed was titled, "Any remote possibility of 'surprise' rate cut...GONE"...

    That thread was perhaps one of the worst call this year b/c the Fed cut PRE-MARKET the very next trading day.

    Why are so many ET'ers constantly trying to guess what's going to happen?

    Just trade it.
  10. He's also the guy who said Bush was a hero for the last 8 years.
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