No way Obama wins a second term

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  1. Not possible at this point, too much damage done with the senior citizens. The biggest voting block.

    Jimmy carter all over again.
  2. Hillary will challenge him and win.

    the blacks will be pissed at hillary and won't vote for her.

    republicans win unless it's palin in which case I would vote for hillary.
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  4. People may be pissed with Obama,but that doesn't mean they are happy with the GOP

    Obama will still have the 99% Black vote,70 + % of the Hispanic vote,and the majority of the female vote(even if Palin gets the nomination)

    Palin,newt,jindal etc have no chance,Romney has a chance in the general election but he wont get the nomination
  5. By your analysis, we'll never have another white man in office again.

    Good stuff.
  6. Of course there will be a white man in the white house again.I said Romey would have a shot,he just wont get the nomination

    There will be white male democratic candidates in the future as well (Bidon wont get elected though)
  7. Thats pretty much whats behind ginning up the Mutants around this health care issue. Republicans know they have to make an impact somehow since the awakened minority vote doesn't have fence sitters to be swayed. Surely the DNC is aware of a Clinton candidacy and its threat to their hopes for death panels as part of their platform. :confused: :D
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    HA HA Busch won a second term and I thought that would never happen
  9. Rasmussen is an outlier.
    Of course, down here, you'd think it was the only polling group in the country.
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    Huckabee will take the GOP nomination in 2012
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