No Such Thing As A Down Equities Market

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  1. It would seem no amount of bad news can keep the market down. If it ain't the fed propping up the market its something else.

    Just buy any dip in the indexes and hold on. It may go against you but it always comes back.

    What frustrates most traders is getting stopped out and not having enough nerve to re enter, just to watch the market climb up and over you entry point.

    I have learned over the years aside from the tech bubble, to just hang on and average down, it always pays off.
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    How long have you been trading? Given that the ES went live in 1997, and the "tech bubble" resulted in 3 years of deep red, seems like at least 30% of your career, you've been... dead wrong.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not particularly bearish on US stocks; but you permabulls are seriously just asking for it. Do you not understand that this is what you'd have been saying in February of 2000? Or maybe you did.
  3. Valuations are not high, that makes all the diffrence. The rise off the 2003 bottom has been slow and steady.
  4. This time its different.... :D
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    Oh really? What happens when you put a discount rate of 10% into all those neat excel DDM sheets instead of 5%?
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    you're wrong as valuations on normalized profit margins are very high. i've read if we even go back to mormal profit margins of the past 25 years which were high in themselves p/e's are near 30. rememember we've had once in alifetime profit margins that aren't sustainable. look at this am with citi and walgreen having awful #'s. but in the end the market must care about all the bad things are its doesn't matter
  7. All the warnings on profit by UBS and Citi, etc. today. Market takes off. Hilarious!

    100% up room to go! $$
  8. All part of the scheme for the Gummint to confiscate everybody's assets...
  9. See look at it go, new highs next stop, more rate cuts at new all time highs ain't it grand.

    Buy anywhere don't matter, cost average down you always win, just the indexes though, not talking about stock, just equity indexes.

    I bought 6 es this morning, averaged down.
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  10. Just sold them, now I am going to prove this point about cost averaging into a position. Class about to start now pay attention.
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