No such thing as a Democrat bigot

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    It's ok folks, he's a democrat, you gotta understand it is enlightened and 'progessive'.

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  2. I wonder what he "thinks" about the occuturds.

  3. Who the heck is THAT cat, how long did you have to troll the web to find that?:D

    And, by the way, he is racist. Just like you are:)
  4. What about my idea for you to join with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and start a "racist/not racist" certification service like the one for baseball cards?
  5. Like I said earlier racism is OK...!

    I support all racists! But I prefer the white ones!:D
  6. It's simple 666, and you know it.

    Taking a subset of an ethnic group and using it project the behavior of an entire ethnic group is racist.

    Taking action on such a terrible assumption is racism.

    No committee required.

    When Newt single out a specific group about food stamps, that was racist, and Newt is very intelligent so he knew what he was doing. He the GOP a great disservice that day.
  7. I agree, you can be racist in the privacy of your own home, whom you want to date or want your children to date, and on your own private land that is not providing a service to the general public.

    No problem.

  8. It's not racist... It's probability!:D BUT if it was racism, it would still be OK!
  9. As an avowed racist ( which I actually respect, it's stealth racists that I hate) I can understand your rationalization of the answer.

    Carry on:)
  10. But it isn't just my rationalization of the answer; insurance companies do the same thing...

    Are teenage boys really the worst drivers out there...? Statistics and probabilities say yes... Is that prejudice towards them...? According to insurance companies, it isn't because they're paying out a claim for their car wrecks...

    So here is the thing... Which races are more likely to commit violent crimes...? If we use insurance company logic, we know the answer...

    Believe it or not, I don't actually hold that against black people. I'm mature enough to admit that it is in their nature to be poorly adapted to our society. I mean, look at how they got to the US...!? They were brought here kicking and screaming "Noooo....!" the entire way. I'm sure if given a choice they would have preffered to stay in their societies. My solution to it isn't to blame circumstance the way the "socialists" do... Despite circumstance, they were quite different to whites to begin with so I acknowledge our inherent differences... AND you're going to say that "This is racism!"... Sure, it is... BUT I don't claim to be superior to others... I'm not a "supremacist"... I simply think that nature has given us different skills. Now people who acknowledge our inherent similarities exclusively (and yes there are inherent similarities as well) have the upper hand over us white "racists" because we can be openly persecuted for our beliefs. Just saying... The "We're all the same crowd!" isn't entirely right and the agenda that they're pushing is making all of us (including blacks) miserable!
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