No spread, no commission, how would you trade?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Visaria, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Visaria


    If there was no commission and no spread i.e. you trade at the midpoint between the normal bid/offer, which futures markets would you trade and on what time period?
  2. A market where you can always get in at midpoint is either dead market or nonexistent.

    I'd rather buy the offer/sell the bid in a market that *moves*.
  3. LeeD


    To me this sounds more like a particularly crooked forex broker. They show only one quote, claim no spread, no commission... but whenever a client requests a trade they'll move the quote just against the client or will just openly give a worse rate than what's shown on the screen when the trade is executed.

    From what I read some brokers don't bother hedging clients' positions as they assume most beginner traders keep loosing for some time... and the broker wins by always being on the other side of the trade. If a client starts making money the broker simply asks him or her to close the account.
  4. Visaria


    Let's just say it's a hypothetical situation. Assume you are allowed the following instruments (trades have to be closed out by the end of end, so talking about day trading, nothing longer):

    * FTSE
    * DAX

    * CAC

    * GILT
    * BUND

    * EURUSD
    * AUDUSD

    * EURGBP
    * USDJPY

    Which of these markets, what time frames? What would your style of trading be? Scalping?
  5. Blotto


    Hypothetical? <a href="">Busted!</a>

    Best to take your £5k and put it under the mattress!
  6. gkadir


    any broker offering a service like this Visaira?
    If so please let us know......

  7. Visaria



    Ok, not hypothetical!

    I only said that because of the comments made by the two posters after my opening post.

    STILL, I know how I'm trading there, but I'm curious as to how others would approach it.