No Series 7, No Trading Education, Little Experience, Which Prop Firm?

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    I have no series 7. No trading education. Little experience.

    Which prop firm, with training is the best? Also keep in mind I am looking for around $5-10k capital contribution, if required.

    So far I have it narrowed down to DTG, Broad Street, and SMB. Havent got an email back from CY trading.

    Also, for currency trading, I have

    Comments? Suggestions?
  2. Yes. not
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  4. we don't need the constant shilling for them on ET.
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    shilling? I am trying to see if anyone has joined there program...
  6. then why in 12 posts, do you need to ask about them 4 times, on multiple threads?
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    Well, alot of this forum is about doing research. Before I "shill" out $7,000, I want to do some research, and see who else has used this program. Isnt what we are allowed to do on this forum. I also specifically asked if there were other firms just like it. Again, what these forums are for. As far as different threads, I wanted to ask different types of investors. Again, a reason they made these forums. Now unless you can give me $7,000 to "shill" out, then please allow others to give input.

  8. 1. S7- again the Series 7 isn't that hard, prop firms sponsor traders all the time for it, you as a trader will have to pay for the test and the books though.

    2. no training/education = look for a mentor if you can find one, work out a payout split etc or something. or look for a firm that offers training on the side vs a sub llc private shop that sells trading memberships etc,

    3. several firms will take 5k - 10k

    4. just keep looking around, do you know any traders on a personal level?
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    Hey if you are interested in FX, definitely check out

    Now he moved to a new site but his old site has a lot of his live trades that he walks you through. You can also find some of his sample educational videos.

    This guy to me seems like a real and very profitable trader, and is infinitely better than a lot of the other well-known fx training providers out there. I think you will find his instructions helpful.
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