No room on hard drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by just21, May 18, 2005.

  1. just21


    My hard drive keeps running out of space. I keep removing programs, running ccleaner and emptying the recycle bin after deleting files but it keeps going down to 0, I had 1gb earlier but after downloading a 350mb episode of Desperate Housewives I am at 0. I have deleted the desperate housewives. What should I delete now?
  2. do a disk cleanup under system tools.
  3. "desperate housewives"??

    geezuz you deserve it!

  4. Buy a bigger disk because the problem comes back each time. It's clear the disk is to small for what you apparently need.
  5. besides getting a larger hard drive, or using multiple hard drives, you could use a cd or dvd burner and store stuff on discs.
  6. just21


    I just found some files to delete. Back to 1 gig free.
  7. nkhoi


    1G is too little buy an external hard drive at least 80G, this way you can carry you desp wife around.
  8. just21


    I had all 22 episodes but they are now history! I am going to build a new silent computer to run IB on collecting data 24 hours a day. It was good being ahead of the UK broadcast of DH. Bittorrent is like a giant TIVO!
  9. just21


    I've run out of disc space again! Is there something wrong?
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