No risk in the stock market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. When you have Bazooka Ben handing out dollars with uzi like efficiency, how can the market go down? How can oil go down? How can gold do down? Everything will go up in a massive bout of inflation that will make the US look like Zimbabwe's big brother.

    Remember, the rich in Zimbabwe are hiding their Zimbabwe dollars in that stock market which has done fabulously well in a hyperinflation environment. The US could use that as a model to keep bankers and hedge fund managers happy!
  2. There really is no risk, and im not being sarcastic

    you cant fail by going long and buying stocks kile GOOG, RIMM< AAPL, BIDU, MA, GS, FXI, EWZ and so on

    I have been saying this since summer 2006 and so far have made heaploads of money and will contnue to do so
  3. Do you mean to say that risk of holding tech stocks in 2000 was there until 2006, and then it magically disappeared?
  4. As I said many time before there is no comparison between the rise in stocks now and in 2000. There is no bubble. S&P 500 PE ratio for example is at historic lows. Meanwhile, high rising technology stocks like AAPL and GOOGLE are hugely profitable. Globalization providing massive revenue streams never seen before. The potential is almost unlimited.
  5. Risk to the stock market is now officially gone with Ben at the helm. Don't Fight the Fed. Buy America. Use those dollars!