No Risk 2% - options strategies

Discussion in 'Options' started by ADLE, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. ADLE


    Hi ALL,
    Let's share - no risk (or almost no risk) options strategies which will make you 2% a month on your investment.

    Thank you ALL!
  2. sell way otm google options. there are no risk at all! :D
  3. there won't be any replies because there's no such thing as a risk-free strategy that pays 27% annually
  4. MTE


    Yeah, I'm just dying to share my 2% per month risk free strategy with the world!
  5. I will be happy with 1% per month risk free
  6. hdawg87


    I would be happy with 0.1%/month risk free. I'd just leverage myself 100:1 :D
  7. Wait till the Fed raises interest rates to 27.5%. Voila, then simply put your money in a monthly fixed deposit for your 2% risk free return.
  8. magicz


    well just load up on way way way way OTM FRO. then short or long on the underlying till it moves away from your FRO.:D
  9. I think we can all immediately see why this is a dumb idea.

    Why should we share no risk strategies for making 2%, when we could be sharing no risk strategies for making 3%?
  10. MTE


    :D :D :D
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