No recession for Google

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  1. While pundits fret over mental recessions and fake credit crunch, google continues to defy the doom and gloomers:

    this is more proof this is a very shallow recession because so many sectors are unaffected. This could be the worst recession since 1991, but no more.

    Facebook and other web 2.0 sites still seeing record traffic & revenue. No recession there. Consumer spending only down a little.
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    lol, what are you talking about? If you held on to your GOOG positions you would have given back all your gains all the way to Oct 2005 while the market told you at the 500 levels that something serious has gone wrong. I dont know where you have been the past couple months but you seem to have built a house on sand. Advertisement has not even started to fully break down and still GOOG and most other internet names have been as correlated with this crashing market as every other name. You may want to have a look at the charts before you continue to spread your wishful thinking. For a change you may want to try to be positioned in tune with the market and not AGAINST it ;-)

    just my 2 cents.


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  4. With online sales declining for the first time, overvalued internet stocks, are a dangerous game.
  5. stocks surging off lows

    only a very mild recession
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    Google will be under $200 a share soon.....
  7. Market still surging. Only a mental recession. There is still tons of credit and huge liquidity.
  8. So perfect for stock_turdler3.

    Spray it on him, get his wings sticky, and flush him down the toilet.
  9. another great day for google and the market :)