No recession according to BEIGE BOOK

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  1. This is one of the funnier threads, no offense to anyone, but people see only what they want to see. The markets go up, the markets go down. The market is down 7%+ 11 trading days. No matter what the talking heads say, no matter what the beige book says, no matter about the worst housing starts in 16 years, no matter what Bernanke does.

    Those who are investor types want to see blue skies ahead. Traders don't really care which way the market goes, and the bears love it when the market goes down faster than it ever goes up.

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    Exactly, traders act. Economists sit around drinking their coffee stick their thumb up their butt, waiting for a piece of paper and then debate a while on how to react. Meanwhile the next two quarters are going to fade as a well because of their inability to be proactive.
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  3. But that's only if you believe the 'inflation adjusted' GDP numbers...there's NO WAY we grew at 5% in only get those numbers when you aren't factoring in inflation..

    Just like in the 70's they tinkered with the CPI because it was 'overstating inflation' has since been tinkered to the point where it significantly understates inflation..

    We have been in a recession since October...
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  4. WE have not been in recession since October. There is not a scintilla of evidence of this. This is just plain old fear mongering and negative outlook where emotional feelings are taking precedence over empirical data.
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    Seriously take a walk around any city in the united states outside of New York and then come back and tell me we're not in a recession. Stick that text book definition and bush manipulated numbers, they'll take you far. I went to college I remember how much I learned from my text books as compared to my first six months in the real world.
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  6. What fear one is talking about's totally under the radar..
    The Fed says that inflation is well-contained and falling..
    but it was never really elevated?

    Dramatic understatement of inflation...pure lies from the Fed and the just have to look beyond the numbers..

    Cali unemployment way up...

    Stimulus package that needs to be instituted NOW, but yeah, no problems...
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  7. What proof do you have we are in recession?

    Give me some viable empirical data, otherwise it is just your deeply solemn dour outlook on life and beyond. Looks like you need some depression medication. There are more cases of depression in January than any other month.
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  8. Walking around outside New York is that the way recession is evaluated ?
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  9. How about going to a fortune teller and asking them if recession will come? It only cost $25 dollars and you would be done in half hour.
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    Hey you sit around and wait for six month old numbers to be massaged and told to you by the bush admin. As some guy named Gordon Gekko once said, "sheep get slaughtered".

    Here sheepy, sheepy. Herder George has a piece of paper for you...
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