NO really, why are you here? Shut up and trade!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oldschool, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Happy Holidays to all of you mental cases.
  2. rcj


    Hey ... they keep ET in the black. lots of page hits, more Ad revenue $$$, attracts more of 'em and then....more Ad $$$ :D
  3. zosorock


    Which then in turn gets more $$$ to trade that then exponentially makes ET richer and richer and then they won't let us chat anymore :D
  4. bathrobe


    ET takes up a large amount of my time, for a long time, 4 years, I was lurking and reading, not registered. Now I spend far to much time here, I must stop but you 87,000 or so members are like a free trading psychiatrist. I have become a much better typist (no longer have to look at the keyboard) Also, many of you give actual help.
  5. open


    you know ET is not without its major flaws

    but gosh darn it, there are few gems here always
  6. The vast majority of ETer's do not trade. They are trade groupies. They come here to suck trade.
  7. DonKee


    I agree.

    I have solved quite a few problems by looking through the forums. Everything from video card help to automated trading info.

    It is actually quite a good place to review when I have an issue that relates to trading.

    Of course, the "how to make money" posts are for the most part worthless, but for the "nuts and bolts" stuff, it's pretty good.
  8. open


    hypo I don't know if I told you already, spend 3-4 k and buy some water, non perishables and vitamins

    as you know I am not religious or cult believer or anything like that but I would rather be a fool prepared

    if you can do it why not .......right ??
  9. With you, Mr. Grey. Got 40 gallons of gasoline and 120 pounds of propane in the shed. Two cords of wood on the driveway. Over 500 rounds each of 9mm, 357 mag, .362, 12 gauge and 22 longs. And of course the water. And my short list of chubby neighborhood children who will be first into the smokehouse. Oh, and lots of quarter-ounce American Eagles. I plan to start The First Bank of the Apocalypse after the fall using real money. Don't need the vitamins. Them kids is well-fed. Naber man has a cute 14-year-old girl too skinny to eat, least'n thattaway. He'd prolly sell 'er to me fer an ounce just so's he wunt hafter feed 'er. I'd find 'er a way to earn 'er keep thet tha naber man's wife wunt cotton to.
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    ... Not to mention the many clever and humorous remarks to be found here that make me LMFAO. :D :D :D
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