No rate cut tomorrow, look out below.

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  1. We are on the edge of panic, traders are right on the edge of total fear. The newspaper articles, the magazine covers, yes, they can be contrarian indicators but are very poor at helping time bottoms. Remember, bottoms occur after panics, not right before them. We have yet to see real panic and fear.

    With so many people still clinging to false hopes, such as more rate cuts and even begging for other countries to cut rates to help prop up markets, it is getting desperate among the bulls out there. Hedge funds are poorly positioned and facing the most redemptions ever in their history. If this rate cut doesn't come before the New York open on Monday, I think you will see true panic for the first time since 1987.

    A coordinated global rate cut will only keep it close to 1100, no cut tomorrow and we could see a run for the hills straight for 1000.
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    Based on what? I'm seeing the same panic and fear levels that occured near the bottom in '87, '98, 2001 and last year.

    How are you measuring panic? Just your opinion?

  3. agreed
  4. stiken fed will act before open so day traders won't make crap
  5. You mean like you proclaimed "the inflation trade is back on" or "oil is the new safe haven"??? Do you even trade or just come here to spin your ridiculous theories here once a week?
  6. You better start putting some of that money you got stashed away to work or you may miss the bottom again.
  7. Based upon the daily ES chart, the candle looks like we are due for another down day.

    The action tonight looks as if we might get all of that 'down action' tonight, rally up tomorrow, and lose all those gains and then some in the afternoon.
  8. all indicators are pointing to a mjoar intermediate bottom
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    The trend is down, how can anyone pick a bottom here?
  10. I think that were going to see a trend change
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