No racial fight here, just good ole fashion murder

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    Unf*cking real. This 16 year old suspected murder was released from youth custody for allegedly firing a gun at a car only 12 hours before the killings.

    So he gets released. Thinks to himself, boy that was a close one. And then goes out and shoots two young brits.

    Yeah yeah I know. It's about poverty. BTW, that run down piece of shit projects he is living in, yeah that's our tax dollars paying for it.

  2. Besides your outrage, do you have a point to make?

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  5. Still waiting for your comments...I can't imagine you are devoid of an opinion, and I doubt you are going to say it is too easy for people to get guns in America...

    So go ahead, make your point...

  6. I'll make it, the f*@king Darkies are out of control. Blow it out your rotting bunghole you smelly Troll.

    George Rennick Wallace out:cool:
  7. Wallace ended up a cripple from a gunshot wound...your crippled mind could perhaps learn a lesson from Wallace about the value of forgiveness...

  8. Between your posted video on the fight in McDonalds and now these guys looking for Ihop. The moral of the story is white people are hungry.
  9. Gabfly will clear this up for us all.
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