No Q's to short at IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by bundlemaker, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. First no SMH, now no Q's to short at IB. What's up?
  2. Sanjuro


    Tried to short EXPE the other day.

    Guess what? No shorts.
    If you want to short, get a Datek account.
  3. Interesting! It suggests that IB's customers are approaching net-short in QQQ and other issues. This might be regarded as bullish or bearish, depending on whether IB customers are "smart" money. Sanjuro is right, maybe one needs to find a broker that caters to the buy'n'hold crowd in order to short some issues.
  4. Neil


    IB told me that they had no QQQ available to short as they had to balance their postition.. or something.. might be some available by tuesday! lol

    Saved me one stupid trade anyway.. but feels pointless being obliged to trade long only thanks to IB..
  5. Thanks Neil,

    Saved me from a bad trade too. Problem is, they have plenty of other stocks to short, so that "allowed" me to have several bad trades, LOL.
  6. that's pretty wack.

    IB users, how often does this happen? How would you rate the general availability of the liquid names (500K volume issues)?
  7. u130747


    KLAC was not available the last 2 days to short.

    You can short it again today.

    Bert:D :D
  8. Just tried to short QLGC, no luck, this kind of crap has not happened to me before at IB.
  9. def, what's up with that?
  10. u130747


    It is not on the list. Must not have enough inventory.
    I check the list every morning now to see what is avail.

    #10     Nov 4, 2002