No pics just a question..Princess Kate boobs

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Were the royals performing a publicity stunt for cash?

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  1. No, they were just naive

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  2. No, but they will look to make money now

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  3. Yes, they will try to make money off it to justify their existence

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  4. Making money was the plan, and may have made money upfront.

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  1. r-in


    Do you think this was a publicity stunt? Are the Royals trying to make money and/or justify their incomes? I have a hard time buying into the idea they had no clue pictures wouldn't be taken and someone wouldn't post them online at least. I am more inclined to think they see the money making end, and yea I make that statemenet seriously. Either by lawsuit, or maybe all ready having been paid. Tight ranges today, and I am no fan of the whole tourist trap of the Royals so enjoy.
  2. the lady is a tramp. :p royal my ass. :D

  3. They had to take heat off the younger brother Vegas stunt...

    Tell you what, the pics I had seen were disappointing of her topless. She has no boobs.
    RCG'SGirl thread has spoiled me. :D
    Kate is still a gorgeous girl .
  4. the supposed outrage cracks me up. you're outside and naked right off a public road. ummmm, duh!
  5. Could it be the Royal family is feeling a disconnect between themselves and the younger generation ?
    Possibly they feel letting loose and having a little social media fun can connect them with the younger people.

    Either way, Show us your tits Kate, its all good !
  6. r-in


    Wow, so far with a measly 2 answers beyond mine, I am still surprised. Are you kidding me they didn't think that photos would be posted? Ok, if not, another category needs to be added that states" inbreeding makes people stupid". Wow, no question I would expect photos, right or wrong isn't the question.
  7. When you know that your every move is being watched and recorded, nothing happens by accident.
  8. r-in


    Bingo, that is what I would say, and why I question if there isn't more publicity stunt here than anything else. I have a real problem with them expressing any indignation as it couldn't be more obvious in this day that turds are looking for these pictures. I think they knew full well this was going to occur, and looked forward to the publicity to justify their tourist attraction.
  9. Brass


    Are you serious? You really think this royal couple isn't popular enough around the world already that they would have to pull a low-brow publicity stunt? You realize that they were on private, secluded propery at the time, right? I have little use for royalty, but even less so for those who must step on others to elevate themselves.
  10. Lucrum


    you're probably right
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