no party, no hangover.

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  1. <font size=1>Bernard Baruch on the stock market of 1901.</font>
  2. It's amazing how much of a dumb-ass you can be and still be right if you know the trend.

    I had a revelation myself about 2 weeks ago - it was that being on the right side of the trend was more important than being right about entering and exiting an individual trade.

    My life has become much easier. In the past, I'd ignore the trends, and usually make money by having superb executions, but sometimes I'd blow myself up ignoring the trend...

    just my .02
  3. Rigel


    "There is nothing new under the sun."
  4. The Trend, Bung, is your friend. Like a freight train is your friend.
  5. But you couldn't tell anyone that in 1997, 8,9, or 2000, could you? Though, ironically, there is a day coming when they will say, 'everything is as it always has been.'

    I think a quote by Barnum fits too, unfortunately.