No one was wrong today. However you bulls better be prepared.

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  1. For fuck's sake, i've seen some crazy stuff over the past 8 years but this one takes the cake. Anyone who says Greenspan was a moron is simply incorrect. Greenspan knew what he was doing. But this time it's different. Bernake doesn't have all the angles on this. He's putting us into deep trouble with this move and all the idiots who've never seen through a recession wouldn't know one if it slapped them in a face.

    The dollar is CRUMBLING and now our foreign investors are sittin there up shit creek. Sooner or later the burden is going to be placed on our shoulders and we wont be in a position to handle it.

    From a technical standpoint we're bullish. (i've switched from bearish to bullish today as hard as it is to say and now am positioned for new highs).

    HOWEVER, from a fundamental standpoint we should not have cut rates plain and simple.

    I can't believe all of the guys on here saying the bears were wrong today. You guys certainly deserve what's coming to you. However in the meantime, enjoy your new highs in the market.

    The true test will come and you wont be prepared. Shorts know how to cover...but bulls will ride it down screaming the whole way.
  2. Given all the bear threads you guys start, I wouldn't hold my breath. When I finally see nothing but bull threads, I'll fade this place in the opposite direction.
    I have a feeling that day is a ways off. Y'all take your alleged intellectual superiority way too seriously.
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    Greenspan.. central bank lackey
  4. The January 2001 Nasdaq 14% one day gain after a special 1/2 rate reduction is tough to beat when it comes to "taking the cake". Of course the Nasdaq continued its free fall after.
  5. "OMG, the sky is falling, the sky is falling!!"

    Its only a half point cut in interest rates not the end of the world.
  6. BEAR THREAD?! This is how it is. FUNDAMENTALS. You need an education.
  7. It's the start of a very large problem. You dont cut rates during expansion/inflation (although they dont always coincide). It's just not what you do. You NEED to hold the dollar up. YOUR CURRENCY IS AT DECADE LOWS. How come you guys dont get this?! Fuck the need to save the dollar.
  8. What I get a kick out of guys really believe you have a better handle on the economy then the FED! Get real folks!

    The FED has access to the best data, they have some of the best talent working for them, and I'm pretty sure that they have a pretty damn good reason for taking the action they did.

    Carry on with your monday morning armchair quarterbacking!
  9. No, they have the data. But they didn't act accordingly. That's the point.

    System traders have the data too.....but do they trade the system? 80% NO.

    Does the fed? Greenspan did ok in my book. But this time we really are in left field.
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    US economy is in triple trouble. and there is nothing the gov't can do about it.

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