No one on either side even wants to fix the deficit.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah, thats funny, you keep questioning whether or not im a trader, while you are a little piss ant who was looking for a broker at the start of this handle. I was rolling 5 figure days before you even started you dumb ass. Im mostly automated now, so yes i spend large portions of my day screwing around on the internet now. Why dont you post a blotter of your "monster" day from today.

    Also incase you didnt notice you came into my thread, and then started telling me "your not interested in the thread" well guess what, if you arent interested in the thread dont post in it you dipshit, you dont see me following you around to any of your threads, or asking for your opinion.

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  2. BSAM


    The same thugs who got us into this mess are the ones now telling us they know how to get us out of it.

    Vote for a Democrat; vote for a Republican: Either way, the government wins.
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  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    +1 Realising that more and more everyday, though i still would vote for anything besides a democrat.
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    Maxie, when you post, in the future, please don't hold back on what you really think.:p
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  5. What fries me is they all just assume there is no possible way to cut the current size of government. No programs eliminated, certainly no useless departments or agencies disbanded. It's all smoke and mirrors generated by pretending we can just cap medicare spending down the road. As if.

    When a private company is out of money, they routinely cut jobs and expenses. With the government, they act like federal jobs are protected by the constituion. Couldn't they at least make some symbolic gestures, like bringing Hillary Clinton home from her four year, non-stop world tour? And keeping Michelle Obama in the WH, insterad of wasting millions on one joy ride after another?

    How about an immediate 50% cut in government travel? How about cancelling all offsite meetings? Is Public Broadcasting really more important than veterans benefits? The National Endowments for the Arts and for Humanities? Are they really essential? If you want to ask people to sacrifice, a real eader knows enough to show that their money isn't just being wasted.
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  6. BSAM


    The thugs in D.C. know government can be cut down in size as well as you and I do.

    It ain't about what's right for the country; it's about politics/money/corruption.
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  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Thats what really angers me, there isnt a private sector company in the world that couldnt chop 5-10% of their budget overnight if need be, and we are talking about the private sector where they are somewhat efficient, i find it hard to fathom that the government who is grossly inefficient cant even find a couple percent per year that they can chop off their budget with ease. We should hire a bunch of Airline CEO's who are notoriously cheap to head up every branch of government, and just give them 5% of the waste they find, and see how quickly they could fix the problem.

    The plan i mentioned which would have the budget balanced in 8 years only requires a cut of 1% per year for 8 years and a spending freeze. They arent even talking about drastically reducing spending, just stopping the increases, its a frigging joke.

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    :confused: Huh?
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  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    Thats what i was thinking, i keep wondering whether or not there is some hidden cryptology built into his posts that only he can decode, because he posts something that frigging stupid, and then acts like an arrogant jackass, when really all he is posting is a bunch of nonsensical ramblings.

    He reminds me of Stock777. :D
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  10. Not sure I understand what you mean... you want them to freeze spending or cut it by 1%?

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