No one on CNBC knows what they're talking about

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  1. Except Rick Santelli. And Becky Quick is hot enough to stay.
    But maria bartiromo and michelle caruso cabrera have to be the dubest of them all. michelle is in a league of her own. not to mention I think she might be a he. or maybe a he-she
  2. becky quick was married to this programmer guy and then she had an affair with her producer, so she ended up divorcing her husband and is sucking the cock of said producer:D
  3. OUCH!! sucks for that guy. I knew there was a reason why I liked her, she always had that slutty look to her.
  4. Santelli makes a lot of noise but is there any value to what he says?
  5. Is there any value to anything any says here?

    That nitwit Insana bringing CNBC style noise to to Bloomberg. Subbing for the other guy, they now play stupid misic and sound bytes, ala CNBS to lead in the show.
  6. None of em are worse than Kudlow.
  7. where and why did they get this annoying loud english guy on fast money?
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    there used to be, BTP (before tea party) Now he's only there for the requisite Max Schumacher rant.
  9. Who is old school enough to remember Ed Hart?
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    And who here was in the business that day?
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