No one is guilty in Israel

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  1. Gideon Levy


    Ali Shaito implored his mother, Muntaha, to stay conscious as she lay dying from
    shrapnel wounds (Ghaith Abdul-Ahad / Getty Images).


    Nineteen inhabitants of Beit Hanun were killed with malice aforethought. There is no other way of describing the circumstances of their killing. Someone who throws burning matches into a forest can't claim he didn't mean to set it on fire, and anyone who bombards residential neighborhoods with artillery can't claim he didn't mean to kill innocent inhabitants.

    Therefore it takes considerable gall and cynicism to dare to claim that the Israel Defense Forces did not intend to kill inhabitants of Beit Hanun. Even if there was a glitch in the balancing of the aiming mechanism or in a component of the radar, a mistake in the input of the data or a human error, the overwhelming, crucial, shocking fact is that the IDF bombards helpless civilians. Even shells that are supposedly aimed 200 meters from houses, into "open areas," are intended to kill, and they do kill. In this respect, nothing new happened on Wednesday morning in Gaza: The IDF has been behaving like this for months now.

    But this isn't just a matter of "the IDF," "the government" or "Israel" bearing the responsibility. It must be said explicitly: The blame rests directly on people who hold official positions, flesh-and-blood human beings, and they must pay the price of their criminal responsibility for needless killing. Attorney Avigdor Klagsbald caused the death of a woman and her child without anyone imagining that he intended to hit them, but nevertheless he is sitting in prison. And what about the killers of women and children in Beit Hanun? Will they all be absolved? Will no one be tried? Will no one even be reprimanded and shunned?

    GOC Southern Command Yoav Galant will say with exasperating coolness that apparently there was "a problem with the battery's targeting apparatus," without moving a facial muscle, and will that be enough? Deputy Defense Minister Ephraim Sneh will say, "The IDF is militarily responsible, but not morally responsible," and will he thus exculpate himself?

    And who will bear the responsibility for the renewal of the terror attacks? Only Hamas? Who will be accused of the tumble in Israel's status and its depiction as a violent, leper state, and who will be judged for the danger that hovers over world Jewry in the wake of the IDF's acts? The electronic component that went on the blink in the radar?

    No one is guilty in Israel. There is never anyone guilty in Israel. The prime minister who is responsible for the brutal policy toward the Palestinians, the defense minister who knew about and approved the bombardments, the chief of staff, the chief of command and the commander of the division who gave the orders to bombard - not one of them is guilty. They will continue with the work of killing as though nothing has happened: The sun shone, the system flourished and the ritual slaughterer slaughtered. They will continue to pursue the routine of their daily lives, accepted in society like anyone else, and remain in their posts despite the blood on their hands. A few hours after the disaster, while the Gaza Strip was still enveloped in sorrow and deep in shock, the air force was already hastening to carry out another targeted killing, an arrogant demonstration of just how much this disaster does not concern us.


    Israel after the disaster was split: There were those who did their duty and "expressed sorrow," like the prime minister and the defense minister, and there were those who hastened with appalling insensitivity to cast the responsibility onto the Palestinians, like the "moderate" foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, and the deputy defense minister from the Labor Party, Sneh. The silent majority did not bother to emerge from its yawning indifference. The entertainment shows on television continued to make people laugh, and one of the radio stations even broadcast, in a demonstrable lack of taste, Sarit Hadad's song "You're a Big Gun." Mourning, of course, did not descend on Israel, and there was not even a single manifestation of genuine participation in the sorrow. It did not occur to Israel to promise compensation to the families and it did not provide help, apart from transferring some of the wounded to hospitals in Israel. We provided more aid to the victims of the earthquake in Mexico, even though there we didn't have a hand in the disaster. For the most part, the media were not very disturbed by the killing and devoted less attention to it than to the Gay Pride parade.

    A day or two after the disaster it was totally forgotten and other affairs are filling our lives. But it is impossible just to go on to the next item on the agenda. This disaster is not an act of God. There are people who are clearly responsible for it, and they must be brought to justice. The fact that the International Court of Justice in The Hague still looks very far from Israel, and the various "Halutzes" and "Galants" can still move around freely in the world, because in Israel they forgive nearly everything, does not mean that war crimes are not being committed here.
    No one is guilty in Israel

    The IDF may well be a big gun, but an army that is responsible for needless killing in such large dimensions, as in recent months in Lebanon and in Gaza, is a failed and dangerous army that must urgently be repaired. The Defense Forces are not only killing Arabs for no reason, they are also directly endangering Israel's security, disgracing it in the world and embroiling it again and again.

    The heedless and arrogant reaction to such deeds contains a dangerous moral message. If it is possible to dismiss mass killing with a wealth of technical excuses, and not take any drastic measure against those who are truly guilty of it, then Israel is saying that, as far as it is concerned, nothing happened apart from the faulty component in the radar system or the glitch in balancing the sights. But what happened at Beit Hanun, what happened in Israel on the day after and what is continuing to happen in Gaza day after day is a far more frightening distortion than the calibrating of a gun sight.
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    In the capital Tehran, hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets as they chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel". Some protesters also burned American and Israeli flags.
  5. You just proved my point dddooo!

    And speaking of colaborators. Please reade below.

    I know I know....No one is guilty in Israel.

    http://www.nrg. 1/ART1/642/ 452.html

    “Shabak forced us to inform in order to live”

    Palestinians who want to receive medical treatment in hospitals in Israel claim that the Shabak imposes a condition: collaborate, or return home without treatment. Shabak denies this.

    By: Amit Cohen
    3 October 2007

    Palestinian citizens who seek medical treatment in Israel , are exposed to pressure from Shabak,* with the goal of converting them into collaborators. Testimony that has recently been given to Maariv indicate that sick and injured people from Gaza who try to enter Israel through the Erez checkpoint, are called in for an interview with a Shabak coordinator. Those who refuse to collaborate will not receive medical treatment, even if they have already begun a course of treatment.

    Based on accounts given by Palestinians it is possible to sketch out the way the system works: a Gaza resident who needs medical treatment in Israel submits a request to the Palestinian Civil Committee, which is responsible for coordination with the Israeli Office of Coordination and Liaison. If the response is positive, the patient is required to go to the Erez checkpoint – the only exit-point from the Gaza Strip – in order to pick up the permit and go to Israel .

    But not everyone who receives a permit actually is able to receive treatment. Some of those patients are delayed for hours at the checkpoint. Then they are called in for an interview with the “Captain”, the Shabak coordinator who is responsible for recruiting and running agents.

    According to the patients, whoever refuses to answer questions or is not willing to become a collaborator is returned to the Gaza Strip on the pretext of security risk. Incidentally, the security pretext has been refuted several times, after some of the patients finally entered Israel following intervention by human rights organizations.

    “Whoever we are angry at – will not receive treatment”

    Bassam Wahid, a 28-year-old journalist, suffers from detached retinas in his eyes. If he does not undergo surgery, he will become blind. About three weeks ago Wahid arrived at the Erez checkpoint, after he received a medical permit, on his way to an eye operation at a hospital in East Jerusalem . After a delay of several hours at the checkpoint, he was taken for an interview with the Shabak agent.

    “He asked me my name and I told him”, relates Wahid. “After that he told me: ‘Why do you want me to get angry at you?’. He asked about what military operations I was involved in and asked me to name the names of people who carry out hostile actions or fire rockets. I told him that I had no information on such things. The Shabak agent told me that if I helped him, he would tell others that I am a good guy and that there is no reason not to let me pass.”

    Wahid refused to collaborate. In response, he claims, the Shabak agent told him: “You are making me angry at you. Whoever we are angry at will not receive treatment”. Last week he was finally told that he would not be going to Israel .

    Shabak denies it

    “In the recent period we have seen a significant increase in applications of Palestinian patients, especially Gaza residents, whose exit has been conditioned on collaborating with Shabak, says Ron Yaron, from the “Physicians for Human Rights” organization. The organization helps those patients whose entry into Israel has been barred.

    “I am dealing with a group of people who feel impotent and fearful,” says Yaron. They are people who find themselves in a trap: on the one hand they fear for their health and are prepared to do anything to leave for treatment. And on the other hand they fear collaborating with Israel . At the end of the day, most of the patients are not prepared to collaborate, so they turn to us for help.”

    The General Security Service refused to reply to allegations about their recruitment system, but denied that there is a link between the issuance of permits and collaboration. “Regarding operative procedures, it is not possible for us to give details,” read the official reply from Shabak. “The policy of the organization regarding the issuance of exit permits is not a function of agreement to collaborate.”

    Shabak also stated: “The Gaza Strip is controlled by a terror organization and it can be said that the entire population of the Strip is at its mercy.” Moreover, the reply mentions that on many occasions in the past humanitarian exit permits were exploited for attempts to carry out terrorist attacks. The most recent example happened last May, after two women – one of them pregnant – planned to carry out a double suicide attack in the name of the Islamic Jihad using a forged medical permit.

    The entire story will be published in the Friday edition of Maariv

    * Israel ’s internal security agency, also known as Shin Bet or the General Security Service – GSS – trans.

    Translated by mm for Occupation Magazine
  6. By the way...You really do not want me to show, in pictures, the gore that is caused by you zombies.

    You know, like sniping children for fun and like the indiscriminate wholesale killing of civilians targets and others and others.

    As I told you before, you are the only fascist colonizing entity that succeeded into turning the victim into a victimizer and the victimizer into a victim is you. And for that I take my hat off for you!!!
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  8. Murdered by palestinians, blamed on Israel.
  9. OK...Now you are panicking!!! You are coming out aimlessly swinging. Why is that dddooo??? Why is it that when ever you get cornered you make bad moves???

    Have you noticed that the first picture is for Afghani Taliban??? Now...I need to question...Why would you be interested in exaggerating and diverting by giving deceptive pictures??? Why would you mix two pictures from two different countries together in an attempt to fool the people here???

    I will still refrain from going down to your level (even though I could in a very terrifying and shocking way). I will still expose you for the sadistic killer and thieve you are.
  10. Murdered by Palestinians??? Wow!!! You guys are gooooooooooooooood?! It is funny that his father is threatening to retrieve his son from the grave and hand him over to forensic scientists to show who killed him.

    Just a small note buddy. The man is hiding his son behind him. Palestinian fighters are around him. Yet he is waving his hand and looking forward begging to stop the shooting. Why is that buddy.

    Another thing you lying zionist....You went out of your way to distort the truth because this crime, as opposed to the hundred others were captured on Camera. You were captured killing a child!!! What about the other 800+ children that you killed in cold blood just for the fun of it. How come you did not investigate their killing???:)

    By the way. I could show pictures of your crimes but I am still not going to do that due to the fact that I am not a cheap zionist like you.
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