No one in the ghetto works

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  1. So I have several rental units that are in the ghetto. I just recently bought some more and after speaking with the potential renters I've realized that pretty much about 60% of the people that I speak with are on some form of unemployment, welfare, or disability. ----> and that is their entire income. The other 40% seem to be illegal and can't get those benefits or actually have a job

    Basically when you're renting in the ghetto the trick is to get renters with the most consistent income

    What I find are the best renters are the ones who don't work and have the government pay for it... because the government is consistent and will never fire you.

    The Government won't make you rich, but they will definitely allow you to sit on your ass and provide you and your family with a roof, food and medical care

    Honestly, I'd rather rent to someone that doesn't work and sponges off the government than to a hard working individual.

    What a damn shame!
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    might want to make contact with pest control and/or a door repair personnel for when the cops bust through the front door cause there is a greater chance they won't have good living habits either
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    People who don't work have too much free time and get involved with drugs and crime. You better rethink your strategy before one of your rentals is turned into a meth lab.

  4. and blow up later :D :D
  5. do any of your renters ever get busted for public assistance fraud?
  6. You'll be deemed to be a co-conspirator, not a "victim", by the state's attorney. :eek: :( :mad: :D
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    You would be money ahead if one of the neighborhood pyromaniacs (who seem to cluster in the hood), put those properties out of their misery, while no one is at home.
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    do people get busted for unemployment fraud?
    it doesn't happen.

    the question is does the rent payment come directly from the government or does the renter have a say whether the landlord gets paid.
  9. does technical analysis work?
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    Did you know that HUD now has a house buyers program for these people. If you are a section 8 renter, HUD will now buy you a home....seriously. And, after the mortgage is paid off, the ghetto person owns it. Nanny state....nanny state...

    This is how democrats get their voters.
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