No one has started a thread about Rosie and The Donald?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AAAintheBeltway, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. She is hideous. I will be thrilled to see The Donald destroy her.
  2. And how hot is Miss USA?

    And Miss Nevada?
  3. Miss Nevada should be featured on Girls Gone Wild.
  4. Pekelo


    That is an ad hominem. She did have a point and girls don't love Trump for his look either.

    By the way wanted to start a thread about the Donald. So overall, is he a successfull businessman or just an excellent selfpromoter?
  5. She didn't have a point. Instead of discussing the issue, she launched a mean-spirited personal attack on Trump.
  6. Rosie ? Mean spirited?

  7. Claiming Ad Hominem when AAA could be talking about her initiating an Ad Hominem herself is not in itself Ad Hominem. Her decision to start this can be considered hideous. You automatically assume he is talking about the way she looks.

    I will use Ad Hominem though, and say that she is a hideous looking person. Furthermore, she has demonstrated herself to be a very intolerant person, as well as racist. I guess if you are considered a minority (her status as a lesbian), you are given free reign to insult an entire race.
  8. Oh, what a lot of piffle.

    Trump, cripes, he's his OWN minority, hideous hair, sexist (only likes sexy women, the cad:) ) and loaded.

    Intolerant?? YOUR FIRED!!!:D
  9. I think Rosie knows she stepped in it big time. Trump can ruin her. She looked very worried in the clip I saw. She no doubt will now start playing the victim card, even though she was the one who started the whole mess. The problem is The Donald is immune to normal rules of corporate PR. His aura is enhanced if he is seen to be beating up on a fat lesbian who insulted him.

    I predict she is not long for the View. I can't imagine they want the show to be turned into a forum for her daily rants.
  10. RXIS


    I hope Rosie gets the boot fromt The View. I'm tired of her nonsense. It happens every show she hosts.

    Donald Trump prefers attractive women?!?! Well so do all men.
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