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    Alex and I were just in vegas speaking at a seminar for the Traders Expo. The room was silent and tumble weed went by as topics such as mental discipline, money management and psychology were discussed. The slides switched to the trading setups and instantly the whole crowd perked up like watching an accident happen in real time on the high way. They wanted to know 'does this guru have the holy grial??' What they do not realize is the first 'boring' part of the seminar is the holy grail. No indicator or method is going to help you if your a nervious wreck. I just wanted to post this observation so you all can be aware of it. Have a profitable day!

    Geoff / Cajun / Co-Admin
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    Hey Geoff,

    Did you catch that on a video? It would be worthwhile watching. BTW..the email videos from Alex are great, let's everone in on some of his knowledge!

    THANKS... for all you guys do!!
  3. Surdo


    Perhaps they realize neither one of you have a clue and could smell the snake oil!

    If Alex actually made money trading why does he need to fly around the country pedaling his elixirs?

    I give you credit for admitting YOUR a bore.

    el surdo
  4. Greetings,

    No I was there live in person and witnessed it with my own eyes. It was in a seminar room with about 60 guys in it out in Vegas. I just held my head down in shame because that was me 7 years ago.


  5. Actually Surdo I love replying to you and making an example of you as I do every so often on Elite Trader although I should not get pulled in to your negative energy. A profitable respectable well known published trader of over 20 years was speaking during this observation. Alex and I were there sitting in and observing.

    We do not buy booths or attend seminars to peddle our methods. We were invited as guests for free because of how well PT has been doing and did not collect one dime. It was just a great chance to talk to some of our users and get a better idea of how to help them.

    Sorry that this observation angers you. Do you think you fall in to this category of newbies?

    Are you trading full time now?


  6. Surdo


    I am thinking of funding a live account in January when I get paid my bonus from Home Depot, I am an assistant manager now.
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    I have had similar experiences. At a presentation done by a couple of the "Turtles", the topics people wanted to know about were things like which parameter sets worked best, etc. At a presentation by several "Market Wizards", people kept asking what the markets are going to do next. Both groups were asking all the wrong questions.
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    Thats great, good for you! Hey, how good do you think your bonus will be this year? I'm an assistant to the assistant manager here in Dayton, we've been told bonuses are going to be off the freaking hook this year.
  9. Airbags dont sell the car do they? :D
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    I may take my bonus in lumber and plumbing fixtures in light of the USD weakness.
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