No one cares about the Freddie and Fannie

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  1. the collapse of fannie and freddie have had virtually no impact the US economy. Ignore the doom and gloom media. They are wrong as usual, just as they were in 1982, 2002 and 1974. The fall of fannie and freddie is bad for fannie and freddie shareholders and employees, but not for the US economy.

The losses are easily absorbed as if nothing happened.

We need more speculation and less regulation. Good for economy.
  2. Well, online ad revenue was UP in the first 6 months of 2008 so Dow should be near 20,000 by now. Cant believe it isn't!!!
  3. This is the most lopsided mental recession never. Unless you work for a financial or mortgage company you have not been affected at all.
  4. I know, no one else is feeling it. Today I walked around my neighborhood and saw people out, breathing air, having conversations. I didn't see the world ending.

    Dow should be 20K easily, maybe by the end of the week?

  5. Obama was declaring recession months ago and saying that businesses where closing their doors "all across this nation". What a clown that guy is...
  6. Is that why red states like Virginia and Indiana that haven't voted for dems for the last 50 years are tilting in favor of Obama? Get a clue for once.
  7. I am praying that he loses...
  8. That is the purpose and obsession of these polls that show Obama leading. The silent majority will figure it is time to get out and vote for McCain.

    If you followed the script, did you ever imagine Obama beating Hillary? No. I didn't know he would but I knew Hillary was out.
  9. markets up huge. Is the fake financial crisis already over? Please make the pain stop. This mental recession is so painful. Pleeease help me. I have no credit and no liquidity.
  10. Dang, triple bottom is in on the INDU, nowhere but up baby... it's probably because of all the money pouring in to the Obama campaign from outside the US!
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