No One Buys NG At Cheap Price

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by RedSun, May 2, 2013.

  1. RedSun


    They would rather buy it at $4.40, not at $4.08 :D

    We go to $4? They may buy back at $4.20.
  2. 1) Sold! Sold! :D
    2) Sold! Sold! :p
  3. RedSun


    We'll see NG roaring back again soon, just do not know when :D
  4. When this eternally long winter finally ends, NG will be back in the mid/low 3s.
  5. RedSun


    Yes or no. April is not really winter. Also, with winter gone, summer is coming...

    Well, most of the traders do not even care.....
  6. Utilities are expecting a mild summer and the only reason behind the bids of this rally has been the extended winter. You think electricity to power heaters makes itself?
  7. last year it is at the lowest price 1.92. season weather doesnot make sense.

    when I look at the chart and volume, I just see those bigguys are dumping hard. the trend is going down.

    some said now natural gas will replace coal to gerenrate power,it is true, the trend is NG is used more for electricity (% increase to 60%), it is cleaner, and cheaper. but one problem is NG's price is particulay wild volatile, affected by bad weather.comsumers for this kind of electricity will suffer.

    NG is plenty, maybe more than sweet crude, that means low price. some cars will use NG. from those perspective, NG demands this way, Ng should be higher.

    all those do not make sense. if no one buys it, it just drops. that makes sense to me.