No Obama after July 15, 2011

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  1. My prediction is that Obama will not be president after July 15, 2011. Obama will resign or he will be removed by July 15, 2011 or earlier. The serious financial reports I have read for past 30 days makes me anticipate this. It is easy. No big deal. Everybody should have anticipated and thought of this.

    Obama should be ashamed of himself and resign immediately. I am highly surprised he is thinking of 2012 elections.

    Ron Paul is very popular and he maybe the next immediate President. But I am confused so cannot say anything now.

    Understandably, USA and world economy will be seriously changed without Obama and his administration.
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  3. New 450 Million Jobs & 225 New Wal-Marts

    Wal-Mart averages 140 million shoppers weekly to its stores in the United States so that comes to 600 million shoppers monthly.

    I think you can start a new wal-Mart with $40 Billion. So you can start 225 new Wal-Marts with $9 Trillion and create some 450 million new jobs since present Wal-Mart has 2 million employees. $180 Billion is the inflated market value of wal-Mart on stock exchanges.

    600 million X 225 Wal-marts = 135000 million or 135000,000,000 shoppers in a month. Just add up the revenue from 225 wal-Marts.

    Over 2.5 Million jobs have been lost since Obama took office. To put this into perspective, unemployment was only about 5% under George Bush. The latest unemployment rate is 9.1% but if you count those that gave up looking, it is much higher.

    If George Bush, Clinton, or Reagan were president today we would probably be generating more than 500k jobs per month in the US, every month. But Obama has an anti-job agenda and last month only 54K jobs were created in the private sector in the US. Most of those were McDonald's jobs, to boot.

    89% Say New Graduates Will Have Tough Time Finding a Job. yet Obama says he is happy with the recovery in the US?

    Why did Obama donate $9 Trillion to bankrupt companies instead of starting 225 new wal-Marts from $9 Trillion?

    I have just written, what $9 Trillion can do for world economy. You can start any company you want with $9 Trillion. Wal-Mart is just an example.

    If all the manufacturing and factory jobs is brought back and done in USA then Wal-Mart will sell American made products only. Wal-Mart sells finished products and does not manufacture anything.
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  5. Why does Bearice keep coming back like a bad penny?
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    You'd have to ask someone like 'surf why they keep coming back time and time again under various sock puppets after they been banned over and over. He should have precious insight into that type of thinking.
  7. Yeah, no shit!
  8. I'll bet my board life that Obama stays in office thru 2016......
  9. this is one scary guy god i hope your young at least. i will agree the economy will never be fixed. the D's and the R's can never make the cuts needed so this is what happens to empires. the earth won't crash and its a very slow process so don't dig a bomb shelter in your backyard.

  10. If Obama does not resign by July 15, 2011 then 191 countries should stop buying american products and services and stop accepting "printed money investment" from American companies. USA economy is $14 Trillion every year because of 192 countries. There are 1400 boeing 747 planes flying all over the world. Each 747 plane costs $200 million to $250 million. When 191 countries stop buying American products then USA economy will be $3 Trillion every year.

    When USA economy falls to $3 Trillion this year, everybody will understand properly.

    Whole world is suffering in hell because of Obama and his clown's decisions and policies.
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