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  1. Hi there everyone.
    This is going to be a journal where I start by papertrading the ES using this method:


    if you want to i'll copy and paste it.

    i know floor traders don't use this method, but i picked it because of it's buying dips in uptrends and shorting pops in down trend characteristics.

    i will try to post a chart after the close

    i don't think i interpret the method 100% correctly, but together we'll work it out.
  2. at the moment i have a buy stop to open at 1212
  3. filled 1 contract at 1212
    stop at 1210.5 (1 tick under low of recent V shape)
  4. will look to add on next pull back
  5. i don't think the exit rules are 100% clear.
    anyway stopped out here at 1210.5
  6. MA's are sloping downwards so no longs at the moment
  7. i'm planning on trading the ES from 9am till 12 am EST
    and maybe sometimes from 2 till 4 pm
    schedule permitting etc
    using a 3 min chart (not 5 min like on the site, because i'm too impatient for that)
  8. anyway, MA's sloping up again
    buying here at 1212
    stop at 1210.25
  9. don't know if this is 100% according to the rules
    any opinions are welcome
    by the way got filled at 1211.75
  10. will move my stop to B/E at 1215.25
    2x the setup pattern
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