No need to worry bulls, cramer is on your side looking for a huge 15% gain in 2011

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    Do actually think he would come out and say the market would be down 15% on the year, hahah. I tuned into a little cnbc today and could not believe how many bulls they throw on that show, the market could go up 896% in a few weeks and they would still be screaming to buy, buy, buy. It just amazes me how no one can say take profits, day in and day out they are saying this market is only going up, I remember this same talk in 2007, no one thought there was going to be a 50%!!! NOT one person!!!

    Cramer: Market to Climb 15% This Year | February 01, 2011 | 06:13 PM EST

    Despite a wide-range of obstacles, Cramer on Tuesday noted the market had produced the best January since 1997.

    From Portuguese bond auctions to the collapse of Ireland to political unrest in Egypt, many issues threatened stocks last month, but they only continued to push higher. The January rally happened not only in light of these negative events, but despite a lack of action on the domestic front, too. The U.S. employment picture and the housing market, for example, didn't seem to improve. Instead, it stagnated. Perhaps more importantly, though, the rally happened despite concerns the market had already run up too much.

    "The fact that we can triumph over all of these issues tells us that this market is strong," Cramer said. "It's resilient and it's going great guns despite all the catcalls and all the worries, both real and manufactured, largely voiced by professionals who are often underinvested or short stocks and then echoed by their media minions."

    Cramer thinks the market will remain resilient simply because of the pervasive negativity. This can't be a top, he explained, because there are too many bears. At a top, there are too many bulls and everyone is overly confident. Even following the best January in more than a decade, Cramer said few are bullish now.

    For his part, Cramer still expects the markets to climb by 15 percent this year. He said nothing has happened to change is mind, especially the bullish performance in January.
  2. this should really set you off. he thinks bernanke is a hero:

    Bernanke's Legacy

    By Jim Cramer
    RealMoney Columnist
    2/1/2011 12:38 PM EST
    We hear endless and relentless criticism of Bernanke for his attempts to keep rates down. We never hear, "Hey he saved thousands of jobs by keeping rates low -- maybe hundreds of thousands."

    I do hope that when the book is written on his tenure, we look back and remember companies like Manitowoc that would have been shut out of the debt market or would have had to pay so much through the news that it wouldn't have made it through this incredible rough patch.

    One day he will be credited with these kinds of saves.
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    Hahaha, cramer is a joker just like Bubble ben bernake the ever great magician, cramer should know better than to cheer on Bubble ben bernanke and his cheap easy money policies that are just going to lead to more problems on the economy moving forward. I find is absolutely amazing how these fools think...the only reason why cramer is giddy and all around happy is because the markets are going higher on nothing but crazy cheap stimulus and worthless money pumps into the economy. This is nothing but an illusion, gdp isnt 3%+, strip out every piece of worthless monopoly dollar that Bubble ben bernanke pushed through economy and where would gdp be right now? It would nothing close to ZERO!!!
  4. notice that SPY +4% in one month+1 day. a lot may happen in the remaining 11 month before we see +15% gain for the year.

    p.s. i actually agree with Cramer that there a lot of bears out there. in fact his own +15% forecast sounds bearish coming from Cramer-the-perma-market-pumper.
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    Every time the market moves higher they say its the bears covering their positions, I hate saying this but thats not the reason, who knows how many bears actually exist on wallstreet, it seem not many since every time I turn on cnbc I hear nothing but bullish calls. If this is the case and bears are covering day after day after day after day then the market CANT go becomes a risk free trading environment based on nothing more than the bears covering their short positions.
  6. So you are obsessed with the fact that cramer thinks the market is going up and that angers and bothers you so much you have to post about it. Why do you even care about what he thinks?
    It is obvious the market has left you behind long ago. have you ever heard the expression, "Don't fight the tape"?
    The market may tumble in the near future. Who knows? NOBODY knows. All YOU need to know is RIGHT NOW to go with the flow and don't fight the tape and be nimble and protect your capital.

    You said you tuned into "a little cnbc today" LOL, Bullshit, you watch cnbc all day long.

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    If this weather continues, Chicago pits may be impacted tomorrow. nitro 12 621 02-02-11 08:52 AM

    All the bearish talk is strange for a market making new highs.
  8. cramer,being the permabull that he is, has had a good run the last two years. i think he is almost back to where he was in 2007 in his aa portfolio.
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    What if the market closes the year let's say up 13%? Then what will you think of him??
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    After 6 weeks into the year, the SPX is up 5%.

    This Cramer fella is into somethin'. :)
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