No National Moment of Silence For Fort Hood Shooting Victims

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trader666, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. And of course there was no "rush to judgment" from the left about the islamofascist swine who did the shooting. In fact there was a rush to NOT connect Hasan and also the Times Square bomber with terrorism.

    The left's hypocrisy and shameless attempt to politically capitalize on Giffords' shooting to criminalize free speech and attack the Second Amendment will backfire on them just as surely as the libturds' behavior prior to the November elections did.
  2. They weren't victims. The muslim shooter was.
  3. What was most funny was the BS accusation of the shooter having ties to AmRen, a "far right, antisemitic group". Which of course turned out to be horse shit.

    Funny how when anyone white does anything wrong there are immediate "right wing" connotations thrown around. If a right wing person does something wrong they are a "right wing nut".

    If a left winger does something psychotic, they are just a "regular nut". Such a double standard, it's getting more and more visible. Their credibility is getting destroyed.
  4. The libturds' hypocrisy has gone parabolic.