no nasdaq quotes???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pattern_trader, May 11, 2007.

  1. no nasdaq quotes???
  2. My quotes stopped at 8:20. Using Scottrade quotes. What are you using?
  3. My scottrade isnt showing anything either.
  4. esignal

    and genesis

    all nas not sending quotes streetwide apparently
  5. 2006


    I'm not getting any quotes on some options -- using IB.
  6. ahhh, this sucks.

    I trade mostly nas 'tocks!
  7. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    notice how quiet things are? Like the good old days.

    Thats what happens when all those algorithms can't run cause they don't have time/sales to go off of.
  8. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Nasdaq has notified us that they are having issues disseminating quotes or trade reports in Nasdaq listed securities..
  9. jazzsax


    looks like they're flowing through again, my quotes started feeding about 2 or 3 minutes ago...
  10. They're back in Genesis Laser....
    #10     May 11, 2007