No mutual funds?

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  1. Hi all, I'm new to the site and am interested in discussing mutual funds. Is this not a topic discussed here? I don't see a forum for it. Thanks.
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    This site is primarily for active traders, so we focus on those markets and instruments that are speculative and tradeable on a daily basis. Since mutual funds are generally a buy-and-hold type of investment, we don't have a discussion forum for that type of opportunity.
  3. Mutual funds investing is like the complete polar opposite of a (elite) Trader.
    You don't walk into a steakhouse, and order the vegan special.
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    Does Fidelity still allow trading the "Selects" by the hour? In 80s, many were trading them in/out often and then came the rules you had to stay in 30 days, but they were huge back them, sort of like a stock hedge fund/ETF
  5. Fidelity ended hourly pricing years back. Not too long ago, they removed "premature redemption" fees on some funds. (Apparently too much $$ was moving from some of their funds to ETFs, and they're hoping removing the premature redemption fee will keep some of that money with Fidelity).

    With all the ETFs available today, it's a wonder the funds are attracting new business at all.