NO More trading posts, can not compete with paid ads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Batterup, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. no sense in trying to help others with trading tidbits for free when ET prefers to censure posts to support paid advertisers. The beauty of paid ads in here also resides in they can change handle with a different e-mail address and hype up the ads .

    No more trading tidbits from me. If i post anything at all it will be in chit chat where i can pick on the fellas that only voted for Bush because he BS'ed em into thinking tax cuts were for other than the rich. So long traders, see you politicos in chit chat.

    Surely baron will delete this post also. ..............:D

    PS, and also i will continue with the chat room, no free ads in there just good trading yack-yack and etc. Characters of many stripes , i suggest many more come in and chat.......:)
  2. I, too, was miffed by the willy-nilly deletion of the TI threads.

    I understand that ET pays its bills through advertising dollars. I also know that, in a sense, Baron owes me nothing. Having said that:

    1) I, and others, invested substantial time and effort in composing our posts for the original TI thread. I tried to contribute to the discussion as best as I could based on what I had seen and understood as a trial member on TI. Had I known that, soon after, my post would disappear without a trace, I would not have wasted my time. To my knowledge, we were not offered any explanation as to why our posts (the entire thread) was deleted.

    2) The afformention thread was, by and large, civil. TI came to ET looking for business, making certain claims as to Franz's daily volume/profits, and we questioned that. There were a minority of posts that crossed the line of civility, but it would have been easy enough to delete only those posts. The only reason I can think of that the thread was deleted was due to the request of the paid advertiser, since, in the end, they perceived the thread as doing them more harm than good. To censor (civil) content based on the wishes of paid advertisers, on a site that purports to be a portal where traders can come and openly discuss trading ideas, systems, vendors, etc., in my eyes calls into question the very INTEGRITY of ET. They didn't just close the thread (which seemed at any rate to have reached some sort of standstill), they pretend as though it never existed -- as if history has been rewritten.

    While I don't know Baron personally, and am not presumptuous enough to demand that he give us some kind of explanation or at least a clear vision of ET's policies visa-vis its vendors, I hope he does.

  3. Baron already stated (a few times) why the TI +100 page thread was deleted (misinformation, personal attacks, a racist remark, member attacking other members and so on).

    Looks like you missed or didn't see his comments about why the thread was deleted in his explanation to other ET members (its been a long holiday).

    I myself chimed in after his commentary of why the thread was deleted in my support of the deletion.

    He also stated that when these types of threads get so becomes too difficult to edit/delete out the crap and keep the legitimate questions.

    His solution was to delete the entire thread...his choice.

    However, I'm sure others would have prefered the thread moved to Chit Chat section because there was (in my opinion) some good commentary and legitimate questions especially one of your posts.

    I myself via being a member at ET for some years...I've seen these types of threads deleted many times before once they become problematic and looks like a moderator has failed to keep it clean.

    Here's my the or copy your own in-depth messages in such types of threads just in case the thread gets deleted.

    It's what I do and have the option of reposting my messages again or posting a screen image copy of some messages I spent a lot of time developing in another thread.

    You can also use ET download feature to download an entire very nicely and is what I did in the TI thread when it reached +100 pages.

    You can do the same for this thread as an example...

    That allows you to save it as anytype of file you want or do a copy and paste into something like Microsoft Word.

    Also, I don't agree with you saying that the thread was by and large, civil.

    It started that way but over the weekend when the market was closed...

    Most of the questions appeared and some questions were posted in the midnight hours...all demanding answers from Franz to their questions.

    In my opinion, because of my strong bias and opinions against racism, personal attacks, members arguing in a very negative way...

    The thread needed some serious moderating and it didn't get it.

    Somebody fell asleep big time (pun intended).

    By the time Baron got involved...he didn't want to spend his time and energy in cleaning the dirty diapers.

    Also, based upon Baron past habits in deleting threads...

    I've seen him leave many threads untouched that questioned sponsors services but those threads were almost entirely civil...

    No threats, no racist remarks, no personal attacks, no arguing among members...

    Just clean legitimate questions.

    The real question is do we prevent something like this from happening again because it will happen again???

    A recent thread addresses this that was started by Batterup...

    Duey...I'm not trying to debate with you about the level of the dirtiness in that TI +100 page thread.

    I'm just saying the thread was more offensive to some members and seem civil to other members.

    By the was a moderator that was one of the ones that threw the first stone in that thread.

    :mad: :mad: :mad:

    However, after a few more nasty replies from other members along with the moderator comment...

    Joe an ET administer openly apologize for the moderator comments and promptly deleted the moderator comment.

    My point...the thread really wasn't the same after became soiled.

    Simply, if someone thinks Baron deletes all threads that questions sponsors services or credibility...

    He doesn't...just the ones that has too many dirty diapers and requires the volunteer moderators to behave as baby sitters.

  4. Mark,

    Thank you for your response.

    I had not seen Baron's response to the TI deletion. I was (am) somewhat frustrated by the deletion of my work and that of others, but you have put it in a different light, which I hope is the true one.

    Another thread begun last night, about an investigation being launched against Franz ... was also deleted. I did not participate in that thread, but when it was gone too, I drew the conclusion that a heavy hand was being used against those who questioned Franz or TI. Perhaps I was wrong.

  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    First of all, I really hate deleting threads. But in some cases, it's the only alternative to keep things from spiraling out of control.

    Regarding the deletion of TI threads, the removal of these threads resulted because the following reasons, many of which have been mentioned already.

    1. Complaints from members and TI about racial remarks that were made.

    2. Bickering and name-calling between thread participants.

    3. TI no longer wanted to participate in the thread or be a sponsor of this website.

    4. A disgruntled TI employee was misleading other members by posting negative comments and accusations via multiple usernames without any proof whatsoever. Other members were therefore posting their opinions based upon this potentially misleading and unverifable information. Whenever there's a person who comes on the site and posts a bunch of inside dirt about a company, and it's the ONLY thing they post about, my red flag goes up as to what the true motive and credibility of that poster really is.

    5. Certain members were starting threads encouraging others to committ a fraudulent act by clicking on TI's google ads as a way to run up their costs and get them back.

    5. My own lack of desire to go through each of the hundreds of posts and fix all the issues above.
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