no more talking you hick from texas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by trading2002, May 29, 2003.

  1. lets gets this deal done...i'm willing to go up to winnings this month
  2. no need to say "hick", thats insulting to the good folks of texas.

    would you call george foreman a "hick"?
  3. do we have a deal or not
  4. I can tell you if we have one. duh.
  5. 50K or 25K....what's your poison
  6. Here's my bet: the loser is going to welch.

    No money will ever change hands between you two. If one of you realizes that the money needs to be put in escrow for the bet to actually be enforcable- the other will find reasons to refuse to put the funds in escrow.

    Some old-time elite members may recall that I have a bit of experience with this sort of thing...

    Molon Labe
  7. george foreman, is that the best your pathetic state has produced????
  8. what is the bet, not how much.

    what are we betting on? Define what the bet is.

    and I'm good for $50,000 as well.
  9. 50K for your so called results over the last 7 years
  10. who do you think you were attempting to bet against back then?

    I don't lose bets! But I agree with your statement!
    #10     May 29, 2003