No more subprime news???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. It has now been almost three weeks since the last big subprime/liquidity/hedgefund story.

    So where is the doom and gloom shorts? Where is the meltdown? I thought by now the subprime would have already affected all sectors, but it hasn't. What happened? Is the credit crunch already over?

    Time to buy again??:confused: Time for more LBO's? Time for more easy money?

    Yup you bet. This bull market is resuming in full force.

    If you look at a 1 year chart you can see the indexes made a perfect double bottom rebound from March 2007 lows. The selling is over. Done.

    To make tons of money buy EWZ leaps with a target of 70 or 75 and a 3 month expiration time. That is the best trade you can make.
  2. craneman


    Yup the credit crunch is over....

    Buy like its 1999.

    /rolls his eyes/
  3. Stock turder reminds me of the people telling me to buy into tech at the height of the bubble and Naz going to 8000 by 2002, DOW, 20,000.

    I hate that buy high, sell higher mentality. How's that QQQ position you bought at $89 a few years ago? Don't worry, you'll make it all back...rolls eyes as well
  4. Well, Id say leave him alone so he keeps feeding some of us money on the other side of the trade, but he doesn't really trade. Doh. :eek: :confused: :mad:

  5. Thats true, he's a paper trader who got wiped out in the tech bubble who now gets paid a nickel to post on forums.:D
  6. Trying to draw comparisons to todays market and the dotcom bubble is idiotic, which probably explains why you can't make any money and you lost your shirt on DXD.