No more selling dope, we are gonna trade.

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  1. This wallstreet money is just as good as selling dope money but no worries about popo or having the boys standing out in the corners in the heat. we have this little portfolio we opened up and its doing real well (we funded small acccount with 70K) to start and its shows good earnings. anyhow we are gonna be trading them options selling it to them boys in wallstreet and chicago and skimming some of those computer traders spare change for our pockets.

    anyhow we are gonna pool our cash money and set up another portfolio for are little section of Folk Nation.

    anyhows I boughts a few books to learns one called this options workbook its like a school book with homeworks which helped quite a bit.

    anyhow we are kicking back some steel reserves in celebration of joing wallstreet from our part of town.
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    This guy seems legit
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  6. yall fittn to get rolled mos likely
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    Who you gonna whack when those Chicago boys take your drug money?
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    I know you, I saw you on COPS didn't I?
  9. Yeah I saw his other posts and they are screenshots of his etrade account with transactions.

    I would watch out though though. IRS gets curious about big deposits out of nowhere.

  10. Let me guess.

    This is a pitch for this book right ?
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