No More Immunity for George W. Bush – Abroad, at Least

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    Bush shows his cowardice. Obama shows that he is a co-conspirator by not taking action against Bush and the Bush 6 for crimes commit-ed in office and Obama trying to sweep them under the rug in Spain.

    It does not matter if the White House is Democrat or Republican, we have a corrupt government that needs to have a clean sweep!

    If you have had enough of our corrupt government violating ours and others rights, you owe it to yourself to read this article.

    No More Immunity for George W. Bush – Abroad, at Least
    By Kanya D'Almeida

    UNITED NATIONS, Feb 7, 2011 (IPS) - Former U.S. President George W. Bush may have mostly vanished from the headlines since January 2009, but the alleged crimes committed by his administration are not forgotten.

    Here is the link to the article.

    here is a pdf file of it.
  2. It would never happen. Now go crawl back under your rock.
  3. How you take over a country is you make prosecutors deadly afraid.

    Israeli past and present government
    Entire Mossad CIA clan.

    All these people have so much blood on their hands, the blood has encrusted and became dark brown

    And new blood has covered the encrusted blood

    and there are several layers

    Need I say more.

    I think all sins get paid in the end. The Universe is such a complicated thing. There sure is a mechanism that shreds and recycles bad/lost souls.
  4. Kissinger is afraid to travel abroad, he knows he will be arrested. Same for Cheney and others in the Bush administration. Same for some in the Reagan administration.

    If they are innocent, why be afraid of being brought up on charges at The Hague for war crimes?

    Clinton? They love him everywhere...
  5. The problem with people like you is that don't know anything.

    You think NATO led bombing of Yugoslavia under Clinton was just and legit ?

    What if I told you pentagon instigated terrorist KLA forces in region of Yugoslavia called Kosovo knowing Serbs would have no choice but the send in the army after continuous provocation.

    After Serbs defended their own country. US called them the bad guys. Sent in the bombs.

    Ripped apart a portion of the country and gave it to KLA terrorists. And now USA has a city/base on Kosovo region.

    It was a by the book Pentagon/CIA operation under Clinton. Just one single problem. It was a very evil and unjust thing to do.

    Not to mention one day you'll find out that Presidents don't really rule the country.
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    Clinton? Not the same Clinton that was responsible for 500k Kurds getting gassed due to the sanctions we put on Iraq?

    Not the same Clinton that sad idly during the worst genocide in half a century in Rwanda were 800k Rwandans were killed inside of 30 days. A feat that not even Hitler could accomplish. Are we talking about the same Clinton?

    Take off your blinders man. There is enough blood to go around for everyone. Even your heros.
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    The Serbs just got the Total Onslaught thingy done to them... under the Soviets the Muslims volunteered to be the Secret Police and lots of Serbs [Eastern Orthodox] got called in for questioning and disappeared.. when the Soviets finally threw in the towel the Serbs were free to get busy and rid themselves of the neighborhood bullies and they got busy on that little task. They were wiping out whole towns full of them and they are good at that. One observer described the Serbs as the "meanest sons of bitches in the valley" with regard to engaging the Nazis in WW2, Hitler sent his best experienced troops into Serbia and it was a disaster for his army... but, wait, there is more, decades of attack, oppression and murder was not enough, Clinton and all those high minded folks had to do some more damage to the Eastern Orthodox folk... I think a lot of it was about Oil and doing things for the Moslems in the area to help to lower oil prices.. I mean, who really knows what the actual goals of the ruling class are? Is it about money? Some say it's not, they have enough of that already but really, they are a cartel and cartel members have to be eying each other to make sure that the balance of power is maintained...
  8. Oh yeahhh

    that Billy boy :mad:
  9. "A feat that not even Hitler could accomplish."


    Bush has blood on his hands. It wasn't a series of events and decisions that killed people. Bush pulled the trigger, no comparison to Clinton. Stop with the Hitler bullshit, it's stupid.
  10. What's so stupid about it? Mav spoke what is true. Hitler in his wildest wet dream could not kill so many Jews so quickly. But because there is no gold, no oil, no platinum and no poppy plants in Rwanda, we said, that is an internal issue.

    FRANCE had to stop to stop the genocide. FRANCE!!!!
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