No More Help After This Bailout

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. If the bulls can not get the market moving with this, the bears are going to mop the floor with them.

    Bernake can cut rates a tad more but the goverment is out of bullets.

    This is it, lets see if government meddling works. I have my doubts. The banks are not going to lend more money.

    The bears will have the upper hand because the goverment can not step in again.
  2. this bailout will have the similar effects to that one movie where they send a nuke (700b) to destroy a huge asteroid (500t in derivatives) it obviously doesn't do too much ...
  3. Just when you thought it was safe - "Deep Impact 2"
  4. Doubt it. The Gummit will step in repeatedly and without regard to cost and damage.. their credibility is at risk. They will "keep on keepin' on" until we're all bankrupt, if necessary.
  5. what goldman wants, goldman gets!
  6. jordanf


    Isn't Bernanke's philosophy that he is never out of bullets because he has this magical thing called a printing press?
  7. I want to know when the hell Chuck Norris is going to put his foot down and KICK SOME ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. you better believe that they will do whatever it takes to contol the inevitable stock market crash. The market will crash regardless of 700b bailout!

    Heres how it will work:

    1. market plunge is dramatic.

    the fed uses the media to spin the issue and cause people to doubt the reality of the situation.

    2. 9/11 PPT intervention.

    One week after 9/11 the PPT stepped in and pumped large amounts of $$$ into the market while at the same time used the media to say that it was unpatriotic to short the market. The ES made one of the most dramatic "V" shape reversal I have ever seen. It was instantaneous and violent. As soon as the ES hit 958 (the exact number eludes me at the moment) the market rallied hard intraday.

    there is nothing stopping the PPT from operating on that scale again. just look what happened over one week ago.:eek:
  9. I agree with what you have stated well put.

    Being a day trader for a while now I am astonished by the BS on these stock channels, it is a complete front trying to save face from the disaster that is about to strike. I have several contacts down on the NYSE floor and the atmosphere is doom and gloom. This 700 Billion injection is going to be a quick thrill that will not last very long. Keep your money under your mattress it's coming!

    Let me get back to seeing what I can short. Just my 2 cents here have a good one.