No more free $$$; No more 100% up room

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  1. The good times are coming to an end. China is now selling U.S. treasuries which can only mean the end of the credit bubble.
  2. how do you know this is true and perhaps this bond move wasn't mostly caused by hedging of mortgageback portfolios?
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  4. What end of credit bubble?!

    Look forward to even more global asset inflation. Probably in Africa and South America.

    China's government announced in March it would establish an agency modeled on Singapore's Temasek Holdings Pte to manage part of its foreign-exchange reserves. Analysts estimate the State Investment Co. may start with $200 billion in capital.
  5. Unless we keep forgiving African and South American debts forever; and raise our taxes pay for theirs.
  6. Too bad they won't be buying American products since we barely make anything. They'll be buying Chinese/Japanese/Euro goods more likely. I don't really blame them. And if China is the one who has $200B to invest, you don't think they'll use that money as a carrot over the nose of governments to gain increasingly greater leverage into those countries you claim will help the credit bubble?

  7. I heard it wasn't so much that the chinese were selling, it was more that they weren't buying...
  8. Yeah but they are buying index futures with the proceeds.

    I see Dow 25K and rates at 15% in 6 months.

  9. they are?

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  10. That was a scary correction this morning. I though the pain would never end.
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