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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JWKirkland, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. Just got it, thanks!

    It is working now!
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  2. You did not mention Fienstein.
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  3. Reagan, Nixon, Dornan.....
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  4. Our California affirmative action program does allow a few narrow minded fundamentalist oil pumping ultra conservative homophobic "John Brich Society member" rape the environment racist ditto head non-thinking booger eating elitist redneck holier than thou chauvinistic NRA devoted war mongering hick types to be in California....

    However, they are required to live in either San Deigo or Orange County.
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  5. That is why I was told by the state I could not live in San Fran!!!

    Thanks for clearing that up 777!

    (although I do not meet all of the descriptions posted)

    Peace and Love, I have to run to my Optional777 Tolerance meeting. It is hosted by Don Bright.
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  6. BSAM



    Thanks for bringing up Ronald Wilson Reagan. THE BEST President this country has ever had!!!!! BTW, stand up when you mention that name. Need I say more???

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  7. Ditto.
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  8. Ditto
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  9. BSAM


    BTW Kirkland.....

    Just as a sidenote.....
    Do you know why California got the fruits and nuts and Texas got the Aggies?

    California had first choice!!!:D :D

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  10. Funny thing is, I am a Longhorn and my wife is an Aggie.

    Thanksgiving is always fun...


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