No More Email?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by JWKirkland, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. I have not received an email from Elitetrader fro a few days....

    Not when I have a private message, thread updates, etc.

    Is the problem on my end or is anyone else having the same issue?


  2. They're being forwarded to Echo!
  3. LOL, LOL! Do you know something I don't? LOL!

    Funnier than that, I just got an email notification that you answered this thread!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the magic touch! Now, if only the PM notification was working for me.....

    Super, send me a PM, you might fix it!!


  4. Well Hells Bells!

    Super fixed my problems.......PM and all.......

    Let it be known......Super Ego Rocks!!
  5. You Californians are gentlemen!!
  6. Thanks, but I am a Texan, living in Commyfornia.

    I do not think I will qualify to be a Californian for some time.

    I am not a liberal Democrat.

    I am not an athiest God hater.

    I do not believe in gun control.

    But I do like the weather!

  7. JW look at all the great politicians CA has given us over the years

    Gray Davis, Maxine Waters, Willie Brown, the 9th Circuit Court in SF . . . :D
  8. Right! You see why I cannot claim myself to be a Californian.

    OH JEEZ.....Now I am politically incorrect....I will now be called a state-ist, like a racist but against people from other states. Oh no!!! There may be another organization started soon...Californians Against Statists.

    I am sure Alec Baldwin will be the spokesman. Has he left the country yet?

    :D :D
  9. Pabst


    We should be so lucky! :D
  10. Jonathan I forwarded you a copy of Baron's reply to my email so that you are aware.

    #10     Sep 14, 2002