no more dom on jtrader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chiguy, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. what are you doing to replace the dom screen on jtrader...

    any ideas...i can't believe that you can patent a row of numbers...

    why not just patent the alphabet while your at it...

    yes..i am bitter...
  2. Truff


    switch to Trademaven. Its a much better platform anyway. $49.95 per month
  3. Doesn't it kind of seem that handing out patents to minor software innovations like this are against the common good? Wasn't the whole purpose of introducing patents to protect the common good, not suffocate the development of better products? I'm not saying get rid of patents, just stop handing them out to every trivial and sometimes frivolous "innovation" that comes along, especially in software development.

  4. If it was a frivolous or minor innovation as you say nobody would care that it was patented. You wouldn't see people upset when it was missing because they wouldn't care.

    If it was frivolous or minor, it would not have been copied by every single vendor.

    Before MD Trader there was no way to manually process hundreds of thousands of contracts in order flow a day like hardy brumfield, rotter, 990 do every day.

    Without that innovation markets like ES,ZN,FGBL would not have achieved the same kind of exponential and explosive volume growth they have and we all benefitted from it.

    If you don't manually scalp a market with fills at every tick it is hard to appreciate the true value of the statick one click price ladder concept. I promise you if you find someone that does trade like this they will tell you that they could never survive against all the autospreaders, black boxes, etc. without it.

    disclaimer: as i have stated many times before I am a TT shareholder so i have an obvious bias. However, long before I worked for TT i also copied the MD trader concept the minute i heard about it because i could see it was infinitely superior to any other approach at that time. I believed in its value before i owned the shares.
  5. Chiguy Download the new J-trader version. No DOM but it has Reflector. Very similar. No big deal.
  6. thanks
  7. Yes, it was a good idea. But by no means did revolutionize trading. I used to scalp for years with a Level 2 screen that wasn't a ladder concept format, and while I prefer a ladder I see minimal correlation between it's convenience and profitability.

  8. If it has no direct correlation to profitability then it should have no effect on anybody's profits if they don't want to pay to use it... so what's the problem?